I work as a Cinematographer across narrative fiction, documentary, commercial, and music video projects with each job taking on its own creative approach.

My career started in London and has taken me around the world and to places I’d never considered going to. I studied filmmaking at an American University in Fargo, Minnesota before working as a camera assistant on shoots big and small.

For every project, I try to take on the initial idea of the director and develop the cinematography to enhance the visual language behind the idea. I like to prepare loads for every job so that a strong approach can be delivered on the day of shooting but I also try to embrace the instinctual nature of filmmaking and the spontaneous moments that come when you least expect it. In summary, have a strong plan and be ready to throw it out if something better comes along.

Want to chat about an idea you want to shoot or simply get in touch? 

Email: hello@darrenladbury.com

Or call: +44 (0)7952224740